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Wax replica of the shocker.

The shocker is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation. The ring finger and thumb are curled or bent down while the other fingers are extended. The index and middle fingers are kept together (touching) and the back of the hand faces outwards (away from the gesturer).


The gesture refers to the act of inserting the index and middle fingers into a vagina and the little finger into the unwitting anus, hence the "shock". Because of its explicit sexual connotation, the shocker is sometimes considered vulgar. Occasionally, the thumb may be positioned so that it may stimulate the clitoris. Mnemonic rhymes are used in order to remember its meaning, including "two in the pink, one in the stink" and "two in the goo, one in the poo".

The shocker is generally referred to as being "given," "thrown up," "delivered," or "popped" rather than "shown", as with "the finger".

Occurrences in culture

  • The shocker as a hand gesture has been used as "Big Shocker", a derivative of the foam finger that displays the shocker on an oversized foam glove, is sold by CollegeHumor. Also, it was used by Horatio Sanz of "Saturday Night Live" during the intro of the skit "Carol".
  • Wichita State University students use the shocker at basketball games in a manner similar to Texas Longhorns Hook 'em Horns, as well.
  • As for the actual use of the shocker, a columnist at The Daily Californian expressed her dissatisfaction of it during sex.
  • There is a song by Peaches about the shocker called "Impeach My Bush (Rock The Shocker)"

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