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Somehow I knew that someday, someone would ask the "Why?" question.

I could just say "Because" and put an end to the question, but I'm not that kind of person.

But I thought I would try to put together some answers to the (until now) unasked question.

Why not let Wikipedia do the work?

First of all, Wikipedia is a user-driven website just like SM-201. This means:

  • people post what they think is important
  • anyone can edit anyones posts (often by people who don't know anything about the original topic)
  • the administrators delete anything they feel is unimportant or controversial.

In "my version" of a wiki site, I have tried to produce topics that are of interest to BDSM/FF people. Rather than provide a few articles to give an overview, I like the idea of fewer (but in depth) topics along with samples of their work. In order to handle the vast amount of server space used because of millions of articles, there are quite often no photographs to illustrate a given point or topic.

An example of this style are the articles on YANK magazine. True, most of the pinups were movie stars and actresses or went on to stardom, and Wikipedia has quite a bit of information on them. A lot of those ladies retired or got married and little is known of them today. Wikipedia administrators don't feel they aren't important enough to have page space, but I have tried to give all of them a place in history within our wiki.

I will also allow controversial matter as long as it is not a personal attack on someone, and it is somehow germain to BDSM or alternative sexuality.

Why are there "Burlesque Star" pages?

Many Burlesque dancers of the 1950s also worked as photo models. Irving Klaw and many other photogs often hired these dancers for fetish and bondage photos and movies. It was easier to talk to them about "things sexual", and most were open to making a few extra dollars. The concept of having photos taken "in lingerie" was acceptable because that was often more clothing than they wore on stage.

Why are there "Men's Magazine" pages?

Many of the magazines of the 40s, 50s and 60s had drawings and photos of ladies in skimpy clothes who were posed in sexy positions. Sometimes their props were fetishistic, and occasionally even bondage. There was a lot of overlap between the people in burlesque, magazines and movies.

Why are there so many "Early Movie" articles?

The movies of the 30s and 40s were a major influence to those of us who were born before television and cell phones. The "westerns" showed the good guys usually won, despite the fact that their girl friends were often captured and tormented by the bad guys. The musicals (especially those by Busby Berkeley) often showed tall ladies dressed in short dresses (or tap pants) and high-heels, with legs that were so long that they reached all the way to the floor. <g>

Why are there so many "personal history" articles?

This wiki project is actually a compilation of several monographic projects I have worked on over the years.

We try to show how BDSM things might or should be done. It also has information on what to do if things start going terribly wrong. (If in doubt, you can always type a keyword in the "search" window at the left)
For decades, people have asked how to solve some of their problems. I have put a lot of those answers to paper, and have posted them here.
A lot of the people who helped start the Bay Area BDSM scene are no longer with us. I thought that I should put together a repository for all of the "What it was we did when we were young". I have also added a wider-based "Alternative Sex Time Line".
I wanted to put together "my family history" for people who will follow along behind me. Shortly after I began, my daughter (who I haven't seen in over thirty years) was able to find me by doing a Google search on my name, and then following the links to the SM-201 website. We have been communicating ever since.
A few years ago, a distant friend of mine (who was very involved in the professional side of BDSM) passed away. During the next few weeks, the Internet was filled with eulogies and praising her for her involvement. I thought it would nice to find a way to let some of our "community founders" know their work was appreciated BEFORE they died.
  • The "Rest of the Stuff"
Believe it or not, I have actually tried to limit how much "stuff" has been included in this site. Unfortunately (as I describe it to my friends) this project has become a tar-baby. Once you pick it up, it is really difficult to put back down. I have included what might appear to be "fluff" to you, but I have added a lot of the "mortar" to hold the various blocks in this site together. So please be kind with your criticism until AFTER you have figured out how my brain works. <g>

Why do you archive information from other websites?

I am sure you have noticed that, over the years, many websites have opened and then, just as quickly, disappeared. I hope to prevent the loss of some of this information by archiving here. Being a Wiki formatted site, I expect people will copy information from SM-201 for their own sites. All that I ask is that you be polite and credit us, in the same way that I credit other people for their work.

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