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Anne Declos

Pauline Réage, pseudonym of Anne Desclos (b.September 23, 1907 - April 27, 1998), was a French author.

Born in Rochefort-sur-Mer, Charente-Maritime, France to a bilingual family, Desclos began reading in French and English at an early age. After completing her studies at the Sorbonne, she worked as a journalist until 1946, when she joined Gallimard Publishers as the editorial secretary for one of its imprints using the pen name of Dominique Aury.

She wrote a graphic, sadomasochistic novel that was published under the pseudonym; "Pauline Réage"; in June of 1954. Titled "Histoire d'O" (Story of O), it was an enormous, though controversial, commercial success. The book caused much speculation as to the identity of the author. Many doubted that it was a woman, let alone the demure, intellectual, and almost prudish, Dominique Aury.

A Personal Note from Robin

The back story of Anne Desclos is a must read!

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