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I am 81 year old male living in San Jose (the San Francisco Bay Area) California.

I am very, VERY eclectic - often holding two to four jobs at any given time, usually in different fields of endeavor.

During my eight years in the Navy, I served at CinCLantFlt, aboard the R. L. Wilson, and the Duncan. I was part of pre-com crew of the Chicago, and when the Chicago went to WestPac, I transferred to FAAWTC/FASWTC, San Diego. (Click here to read stories about my "Navy Days")

As an Educator, I have taught
Electronics (at Evergreen College, San Jose, CA);
"Mountain Rescue" and "Swift Water Rescue" (as Operations Officer for San Jose Search and Rescue)
"How to become a Professional Dominatrix" (at the Learning Annex)
"Use and Maintenance of Amino-acid analyzers" (for Durrum Instruments)
"Photographic Techniques and Technology" (City College)
"Sports Car Rallying" (Sports Club of America)
"Japanese as a Second Language" (US Navy)
"Non-verbal Communication Skills" (for COGES)
As an Inventor
Earthquake switch for Nuclear Reactors
Methodology for measuring the speed of a frontal shock wave of an underground nuclear blast
Power loss sensor and emergency reset module for IBM computers
Methodology for recovering petrochemicals from oil shale using binary explosives
Worked on team to develop amino-acid analysis testing for Phenylketonuria
"The Infinity Dress" (made of a jersey fabric) which can be worn in an "infinite number of ways"
"Cadre One" - one of the first commercially-viable products using "Automatic Number Identification" (Caller ID)

I have worked as a software Build Master, web designer, bonded locksmith, Private Detective, AKC Show Dog Handler, bondage rigger for the film industry, magazine publisher (and editor), and professional bondage photographer. I have worked as an Expert Witness in Patent Infringement cases in telecommunications, and as Amicus Curae is cases involving sexual abuse and murder cases involving sado-masochism.

I often attend CES (Consumer Electronics Show) as an exhibitor and AVN (Adult Video Network) as a member of the Press in the same weekend.

I am recognized as the "Father of the "relatively heterosexual" SM (Sadism & Masochism) scene in the SFO Bay Area, and have taught over a thousand men and women how to become professional Masters and Dominatrices, and "Rape Prevention" at the YWCA.

In 1966, I founded what was to become The BackDrop Club, which is basically, "the scenery and props behind people's fantasies." Over the years, BackDrop has come to be known as "The Sado-Industrial Complex". During this past forty years, I have also maintained concurrent, active careers in Academia, the Arts, Electronics, Real Estate and Professional BDSM.

My professional resume {if you're curious} is available on the Sigma Systems website.

My personal history can be viewed at Robin's History

Personal Stories can be viewed at Anecdotes

I started writing "this book" in 1974 and have printed (and have had printed) many articles on BDSM. My friends say that my writing style is "techno-erotica" because everything I write about, I have usually try first. I have also been told by people around me that I am all those things that describe a first born, Leo male <grin>. So when I started putting this project together, I have asked several of my friends (and now you) to pass your knowledge along to the next generation.

If you have questions, comments, answers (and maybe kudos?)

I am the author and webmaster for

I can be reached through 'The BackDrop Club' offices at 650-965-4499, or through 'All Things Notary' at 650-964-3100.

I am often available for chat as Robinr57 on Yahoo Messenger

I can be reached via email at