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Spanking videos (or spanking movies) are non-mainstream erotic (in some cases, pornographic) videos that show adult/adult spanking scenes. Spanking videos are available for purchase on VHS, DVD or downloadable from the Internet.

There are a number of producers specialising in spanking/corporal punishment videos. While many people consider "corporal punishment" and "spanking" merely subsets of BDSM, CP videos are a completely separate genre with a unique ethos. Perhaps the most common theme in CP videos is the traditional headmaster/schoolgirl scene. Domestic scenes are also popular - husbands spanking wives, bosses spanking secretaries, parents spanking sons or daughters, etc. But the combinations and pairings are as diverse as the scenarios.

CP vs. BDSM videos

From Ms. Holly Beats the Slut a CP video by Southeastern Woodshed.
A thrashing with a sassafras birch (from the CP video "Final Exam").

Spanking or CP videos differ widely from BDSM films produced by companies such as London Enterprises, House of Milan, Bon-Vue Enterprises, et al. The stereotypical "whips and chains" S&M video involves a strict, sadistic dominatrix-type mistress (or male master) who punishes misbehaving slave girls in a dungeon stocked with elaborate bondage and torture devices. (Some stories show women being abducted and forced into slavery or prostitution.) There is always some spanking and paddling included, but the emphasis is placed on dominance and submission reinforced by bondage, flogging, humiliation, and torture. This atmosphere of power exchange is further enhanced by such kinky trappings as leather and latex fetish clothing, corsets, spike-heeled shoes or boots, gags, shackles, masks, hoods, and so on.

By contrast, spanking videos eschew the sinister and fantastic torture dungeon scenario and base their stories in real-life settings such as the home, office, school, reform school, and prison. These are more in line with the fantasies of everyday people who might not relate to the more extreme and specialized aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. Most of these films avoid bondage, sadism, and stories about violent abduction and slavery. Here, the punished girl willingly, albeit reluctantly, submits to an authority figure such as a parent, aunt, teacher, headmaster, etc. Instead of the elaborate torture devices of BDSM films, they rely on traditional punitive implements like school canes, paddles, tawses, birch rods and over-the-knee (OTK) spanking by hand. Hairbrushes, belts and wooden spoons are also commonly used. Other belittling punitive measures may also be employed, such as standing in the corner, writing lines or kneeling on a hard or rough-textured surface.

In recent years the industry has grown to accommodate increasingly more dramatic settings like prisons and corrupt institutions and regimes (see Bars and Stripes). Bondage has also become more popular with the makers of hardcore caning videos such as Lupus Pictures and Mood Pictures.

Most spanking videos are purely disciplinary in nature. That is, the story is about someone being punished and there is little or no sexual element. Very few pure spanking videos have any overt sexual contact at all (one notable exception being the horror-based stories by ZFX Productions). However, there are enthusiasts who prefer loving, consensual erotic spankings where both parties get pleasure from the act. There are a few companies, such as Shadow Lane, that cater to this fantasy as well.

Spanking videos vary widely in style, quality, and price. Each person has his/her own unique and personal idea of the ideal spanking video and the producing companies (see spanking pay sites and spanking product shops) have their devotees. Most maintain websites to advertise their products with descriptions, stills, trailers and video clips. In recent years, video piracy has become a major problem, especially with file-sharing sites.

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A paddling scene from "Punished Schoolgirl", an amateur CP video by User:Jameslovebirch. See video clip.

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