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Spanking anime is non-mainstream anime (Japanese animation) that focuses on spanking. The term spanking anime is also used to refer to non-animated drawings (colorized or not) in anime style.

Spanking artists such as Kitora, the artist of the Tiger-Reverie website have created cyclic animations in anime style.

It is likely, but not yet known for sure whether longer works of spanking anime (i.e. spanking videos in anime form) exist. There is a current project on the Anime Spanking Archive to create a spanking anime in Flash format.

Anime-style spanking art

Spanking drawings in anime style are featured on many imageboards, spanking oekakis and websites such as Anime Brats (offline since Mid-2006) the Anime Spanking Archive (since August 2006) and currently Anime OTK (since March 2007)

Contemporary spanking artists who work in anime style include:

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