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Comixpank, or Cmx for short, is an artist who does boy spanking art (F/B and M/B) in cartoon style. He also creates boy spanking comics. Comixpank works both in black and white (usually inked) and in color. Comixpank has also done several boy spanking animations.

Comixpank was also the name of a free website by Comixpank that once featured extensive galleries of boy spanking drawings - comparable to what Handprints is for girl spanking art. The site was first opened in 1999 ( ), closed about a year later, reopened ( and closed again in mid-2000. A third version of his website was launched in 2001 ( and lasted only a short time as well.

In September 2003, Comixpank reopened a new site named Whack! with scans from English comic book spanking scenes. Sadly for him and his fans, it didn't last long either. Whack! was closed in 2004.

Comixpank is still around and maintains a few restricted membership web groups, but the world is still waiting for a new website of his to reopen. There are no news on the Comixpank News Central since 2004.

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