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We try to place articles that have similar topics in one or more categories.

To place your article in a specific category, put [[Category:<name of category>]] at the bottom of your article. When you save your article the MediaWiki software automatically creates the new category pointers.

  • When you preview your article, if the link is 'blue', that category already exists and you're doing good.
  • If the link shows 'red', you may have misspelled the link name, or the link does not exist.

If you wish to point to other articles in "your category, place [[:Category:<name of category>]] in your article (note placement of colon after the opening brackets)

To see a list of "all categories" on SM-201, [ Click here ]

For this category Type this
Anatomy {{Anatomy}}
Article needing verification]] {{Verify}}
Articles to be expanded {{Expand}}
Authors {{Authors}}
BackDrop {{bd}}
BDSM equipment {{sa-bdsm}}
BDSM in films {{film}}
BDSM Legends {{Legend|Categories}}
BDSM organizations {{Orgs}}
Body modification {{bodymod}} or
Bondage {{Bondage}}
Bondage magazines]] {{mags}}
Bondage models {{Dib}}
Bondage models {{Models}}
Bondage positions {{Positions}}
Bondage {{bond}}
Books {{Book}}
Business {{Business}}
Clothing {{Clothing}}
Company see {{Infobox Company}}
Conventions {{Cons}}
Cosplay {{Cosplay}}
Curricula {{curricula}}
De Sade {{DeSade}}
Definnitions {{Defs}}
Dominatrices {{Doms}}
Events {{Events}}
Gor {{Gor}}
Harmony Concepts {{hcmag}}
History {{History}}
House of Milan magazines {{homag}}
Iconography {{Icons1}}
BDSM Icons {{Legend}}
Index {{Index}}
For this category Type this
Legal {{Legal}}
Library {{Library}}
Life Lessons {{Life}}
Lists {{Lists}}
Lukeford {{Lukeford}}
Lyndon Distributors {{ldlmag}}
Macropedia {{Macro}}
Magazines {{mags}}
Medical equipment {{Medical}}
Micropedia {{Micro}}
Model agencies {{Agency}}
Multiple Categories {{Cat}}
Needs more work {{Needs}}
Needs WP Import {{Import}}
Paraphilias {{Para}}
Pornogrphy {{Porn}}
Porn stars {{porn stars}}
Prostitution {{Pros}}
Publishers {{Publishers}}
Resources {{Resources}}
Safety {{Safety}}
Sexologists {{Sexologists}}
SIGNY award {{Signy}}

Spanking templates and Categories

* {cat-Spanking-a}}
* {cat-Spanking-f}
* {cat-Spanking-i}} 
* {cat-Spanking-p}}
* {cat-Spanking-t}}
* {{sa-spanking implements}} 
* {{sa-spanking furniture}} 
* {{sa-spanking positions}}
* {{sa-spanking terms}}
Category:Swinging {{Swinging}}
Transgender {{Transgender box}}
Videos {{video}}
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