Blackmailed in England

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Sex recorded during Botox Injections

Marion Burton, 50, was alleged to have demanded £20,000 after recording the covert footage last October at a Berkshire clinic where the man, identified only as Doctor X, was working.

The grandmother, originally from Germany but now living in Slough, denied blackmail and was found not guilty by a jury of eight women and four men on Thursday, after a trial at Reading Crown Court.

Mrs Burton now plans to report the doctor to the police and the General Medical Council, who have the power to strike him off.

The jury heard that he has already been suspended from practicing.

During her week-long trial Mrs Burton said that she felt compelled to film the doctor performing a sex act on himself to prevent him doing it in front of anyone else.

Her husband, Terry Burton, later contacted the doctor and demanded £20,000 or the video would be handed over to newspaper editors and medical authorities.

It was then that Doctor X called the police, who raided the Burton's £500,000 home where they found a dungeon where Mrs Burton entertained clients in her role as a dominatrix.

Speaking outside court, she said: "I know I haven't done anything wrong. I just met a freaky, pervert doctor.

"Because of my job, I didn't go straight to the police. They would say - here's a dominatrix and here's a doctor, and they would never believe me.

"I'm an ordinary woman, but it just so happens I'm a dominatrix.

"Justice has been done in my case but it will only properly be done when the doctor is stopped from working. Hopefully he will never be able to touch any woman and children again."

Asked about her job, for which she calls herself Mistress J, Mrs Burton said she feared her customers would not be returning to her because of publicity surrounding the court case.

"I was very busy," she said. "I was a well-doing dominatrix, and I want to go on."

The court heard she decided to become a dominatrix after losing her job as a mortgage broker in early 2008 in the credit crunch and bought the equipment needed, including a cage and a whip bench, on eBay.

She advertised herself as an "experienced German dominatrix" and earned up to £2,600 a week from her clients, who included bankers, pilots and lawyers, with some arriving at her home in sports cars, and one being driven by a chauffeur.

The jury heard that Mrs Burton had no role in the blackmail plot but wanted evidence against the doctor so she could stop him doing the same thing to other patients.

Doctor X, who lives in the West Midlands, told the court that he was scared of Mrs Burton and thought she had consented to his surgery room advances.

Terry Burton, 51, admitted blackmailing Doctor X in January and will be sentenced at a later date.

Dominatrix husband jailed for blackmail

By Anna Roberts

September 23, 2009

A Twyford dominatrix has spoken of her shock after her husband was jailed for three-and-a-half years for blackmailing her Botox doctor.

Twyford man sentenced for blackmail

Terence 'Terry' Burton was jailed at Reading Crown Court on Monday after admitting attempting to extract £20,000 from Berkshire-based 'Dr X', who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Sentencing Burton, Recorder John Darling said blackmail was 'the attempted murder of the soul'.

He slammed 51-year-old Burton for threatening to pass on sexually explicit footage of the doctor and 'his missus' to the General Medical Council.

Ex-window cleaner Burton also attempted to sell the footage - filmed secretly during a doctor's appointment by his wife Marion who hid a camera in her clutch handbag - to a Sunday tabloid newspaper.

Burton, of Wargrave Road, admitted a count of blackmail in January this year. However, legal restrictions meant the plea could not be reported until his wife's trial earlier this month at which she admitted being a dominatrix.

Marion Burton, who lived in Twyford at the time of the offence but has since moved to Slough, was acquitted of one count of blackmail.

She said she only repeatedly visited Dr X and filmed him in sexual situations because she wanted proof of what he was doing during work hours.

Speaking outside court following her husband's sentencing, Mrs Burton said: 'His sentence is not something I expected because I've read about blackmail cases which are much worse.

'Terry is not that strong - he will be upset. It will upset him knowing I am going to be alone for another year.

'There are much worse cases of blackmail.'

In court Ian Hope, prosecuting, explained the offences took place in 2008 when the Burtons were £57,000 in debt and living in a house with 'an expensive rent in Reading'.

He said Burton did threaten Dr X. 'Terry Burton opened negotiations with, 'I've got a photo of your c***'.'

During the hearing Burton gave evidence. He said: 'I was angry with what I saw [on the video]. I wanted him [Dr X] to know I had information on him. I had not thought it through. It was not something I planned.'

Claire Wiggett, defending, said: 'He is a man of good character. They were living in an expensive property. He was working at two jobs. He has expressed regret for his actions.'

Sentencing Burton, Recorder Darling said: '[Blackmail] is extremely grave and serious. It's an ugly crime.'

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