Turning Professional

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Turning Professional

There is one hell of a lot of information that a person needs when turning professional. So much so, that I can't put it all on one page. I have decided to place it on several sub-pages, under the 'Mistress Page' named "Curricula".

I would strongly suggest that you read ALL of the following pages in this category before making any decisions or judgements.

A person desiring to join the BackDrop Sessions Staff can expect to undergo training and learn all of the topics on our "Curricula Page". Completing this training (and with their internship) a Professional Dominatrix / Mistress typically has several YEARS of college equivalent classes.

If you are interested in 'turning professional', I would strongly suggest that you spend a day at a sessions house in your area. If you can't find one, send a message to Robin at SM-201.org.

Quick math factoid: Since BackDrop opened over forty years ago, I have trained an average of two-plus people per month. Two people per month times twelve months works out to over a thousand people in the past forty years!

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