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www.SM-201.org is a wiki site that provides information and historical background about fetishes, fantasies, and other kinky things, written by someone who, at 81 years young, knows it first hand. ​ ​Robin Roberts has been an educator, bondage and fetish photographer, and author since the 1950s. He was the founder and Director of the BackDrop Club in the Bay Area in 1966. He founded the 'Chain Store,' which manufactured and sold dungeon/playspace furniture. He has conveyed his BDSM skills to over a thousand Professional Dominants. (And, this was all done while maintaining a full-time career in the high-tech industry.) ​ ​He began writing SM-201 in the 1970s to pass his knowledge on to the next generation.

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If you feel you would like to "Donate to the Cause" -

As you might notice, a "LOT OF WORK" has gone into the publication of this site. It is, however, a "free site" in that we do not charge you, the user, for accessing our site. We have also chosen not to laden the site with banners, nags or other forms of begging.

You can buy books from Amazon.com

I have tried to locate Amazon.com for any book that is mentioned on our site. If you buy a book from Amazon.com using a link from our website, Amazon.com sends us a commission of about 4% of the purchase price.

You can donate to this project directly -

Please make the check payable to 'The SM-201 Project' and send them to the following address

SM-201 Project
The BackDrop Club
Post Office Box 390486
Mountain View, California 94039

If you donate outside the U.S., please use an international money order or a check payable on a U.S. bank, to avoid collection costs. Sending a foreign check (or any other draft drawn on a bank outside the U.S.) may involve processing fees in excess of $50. International money orders payable in the U.S. are available in post offices in many countries, and will ensure your complete donation goes to SM-201.

Please do not send currency through the mail.

We are also able to accept credit cards and we have a PayPal account

Banner exchange

Place our banner on your site. Just click here for information on how to place or banner on your site with the html coding AND wiki coding.

If and when donations exceed our costs, those funds will be donated to charitable organiztions within the BDSM community.

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