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Various colors have significance in BDSM and fetish, for example:


Many people have a fetish for black lingerie and/or stockings.

In handkerchief codes, it it is the color that represents generalized S&M.


A commonly used safeword to allow a victim to indicate that everything is OK and the captor can continue the current activity or even become more intense.

In schoolgirl uniform fetish, the skirt and/or knickers are often dark green, supposedly reflecting actual school uniforms.


This is the color that the skin, for example, on the bottom, can turn when beaten for a long time due to bruising. The skin may also turn purple on the part of the body that is bound too tightly due to restriction of the blood circulation; if this happens, it is probably necessary to loosen the binding. This is fairly common in breast bondage.

In handkerchief codes, it it is the color that represents piercing.


1. A commonly used safeword to mean "I can't take any more; stop the scene".

2. A color used in handkerchief codes to indicate an interest in fisting.

3. Red silk (Gorean term)

Many shoe fetishists prefer red shoes. Some people prefer red lingerie. Red panties may have menstrual associations which attract some and repel others.


White is the color of purity, so bridal wear is usually white or near white, including lingerie. Someone who is playing the role of a young and innocent girl may also wear white lingerie, and someone playing a schoolgirl often wears white socks.


1. A commonly used safeword to indicate a need to "slow down" the intensity of an activity, reflecting the red, yellow (or amber), green of traffic lights.

2. The color used in handkerchief codes indicates interest in watersports.

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