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Our mission

Our mission is to create the world's most comprehensive and detailed database on spanking art. The vision is a wiki that features an article on practically every spanking artist, comic, author, video producer, actor, movie and website.

We will also work as taxonomists, defining and explaining spanking and art related tesrms. So this wiki will not only be a knowledge database but also an encyclopedia on spanking art that helps artists and fans to use a common language.

All this is done in the spirit of Free Knowledge.

Why a separate wiki?

While spanking art is a topic too specialized to be relevant for the general purpose encyclopedia Wikipedia, the same software (MediaWiki) allows us to work here on a spanking art encyclopedia. The more it grows, the more useful it will be for people who have a hobby interest in spanking art. So have fun, enjoy and please share your knowledge here!

What we don't want here

For legal reasons, this wiki must not contain any obscenity or copyright infringements. Please see Legal terms and our Image use policy for a detailed discussion on permissible content.

We also don't want advertisement and POV (point of view) texts there. You are encouraged to add an article about any commercial or non-commercial spanking or spanking art related website, blog, forum, group, mailing list, magazine, book, etc. - just remember what you're writing should be factual, not in advertisement style. Please also note our Nonviolence policy.

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