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The Legends Project

The Legends Project is a concerted attempt to identify and applaud the efforts of those special people that helped establish the BDSM community as we know it today.

We will be adding bios for each of these "Legends" along with links to various websites so that you, our readers, can learn more about these people who have made "What is that we do" openly available to you today.

If you have factual information or personal insights you would like to add to this article, you may:

  • Send information to Robin@sm201.org
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Many Wikipedia articles on history have been deleted because they were not "verifiable". History can not always be 'quantifiably verified' nor 'encylopedic in nature' because it is a compilation of oral histories, often written by the victors and the survivors. The ranks of the early SM/BDSM/Leather/LGBT community founders have been decimated by AIDS. Many more have passed on due to age. Unfortunately, much of our early history went with them. With that in mind, I have been conducting interviews in an attempt to centralize this information before more of this information is completely lost.

The SM/BDSM/LGBT/Leather community history tends to be rather narrow in scope and does not fit the general Wikipedia content model. SM-201 not only allows, but searches out this information. I have been "tracking down" those people who were around when "it all started" and conducting face-to-face and telephonic interviews with these "Icons" and "Legends".

I have helped form the "Legends Project", whereby a group of "old-timers" get together and make sure the "Legends" are recognized.

Some of these "Legends", these pioneers, have put their literal lives on the line. They have lost jobs and have gone through divorces, so that you can attend the "Folsom Street Fair" or "go to play parties on Saturday night".

If you get the chance to meet one of these "Icons", these "Legends", stop and greet them, and thank them for the pioneering work they have done.

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