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This article is about the Icons of our Community

Lists of bondage models by decade
DIBindexList of Japanese bondage models

Pia Sands
Bondage model She has also been credited as Kim Bittner, Michelle, Michelle McClellan, Michelle McClellen, Michelle McLellan, Michelle McLelland, Pia Sands, and Pia Snow.
Daniel Keenan Savage
Author of internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column Savage Love.
John Savage (1973 - 1996)
BDSM Author/photographer
SFSI - The San Francisco Sex Information Switchboard (415-989-SFSI)
Founded in 1972 by Toni Ayers and Maggi Rubenstein - the only totally anonymous sex info hotline in the US
"Moe" Shapiro
Partner of Eddie Mishkin, a publisher of Fetish and Domination material during 50's and 60's. Along with Alan Wilson, he published under the name Woodford Press.
Elizabeth Sims
American writer best known for her Lillian Byrd mysteries, a four-novel series. The second book in the series, Damn Straight, won a 2003 Lambda Literary Award.
Jasmine Sinclair

Bondage model

Tori Sinclair (1954 -
Bondage model also know as: Lisa Comshaw, Lisa Shaw, Tori Sinclair and Fawna
Hajime Sorayama (1947 - , Ehime Prefecture, Japan)
Japanese illustrator, famous for his robotic female drawings
Lorrie Sprecher (born 18 July 1960- ,)
Lesbian feminist novelist, poet, and Punk rock musician. Author of Sister Safety Pin
Elf Sternberg (1966 - )
BDSM, erotica and SciFi author, former keeper of the alt.sex FAQ.
Carter Stevens
BD Film star/camerman/editor and head of SM News (Official website)
Dave Stevens (1955 - 2008))
Artist / Illustrator - Famous for his renderings of Bettie Page in the "The Rocketeer" magazine, which was later made into a Hollywood movie
Harriet Stokes (???? - 1859)
British female who lived as a male
John Sutcliffe
Founder of AtomAge magazine
Elise Sutton
Female Supremacist, owner of the FemDom advice site http://www.EliseSutton.com, author of Female Domination: An Exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority.

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