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Robin Roberts has been a Commercial Bondage Photographer since 1958. Since that time, he has designed and manufactured most of the "props" for his own photographs, as well as for other photographers in the field. He has also designed and manufactured almost all of the equipment around the BackDrop clubhouse. Many of the professional Dominants around the Bay Area have commissioned him to design and/or build their "play rooms". (He is also the founder of one of the largest B&D clubs and has been the Director of the BackDrop Club since 1966.)

Robin maintains jewelry, leather, wood, metal and welding shops. He does not do production work: only one of a kind designs. (Production items are usually produced by, or purchased from other vendors.) With a vivid imagination, and a wide range of tools and equipment, you can see some of this pieces he has designed below.

  • Everything is made to very high quality specifications.
  • Designs may be ordered in a wide range of materials, finishes and coverings.
  • Leather is hand-dyed in almost any color, hand-waxed and hand-polished.
  • Wood surfaces are sanded smooth and finished with a high grade boat-deck varnish.
  • Square corners are sanded or planed to avoid accidental injuries from sharp corners.
  • Metal surfaces are cleaned, degreased and painted with a durable paint (or plated upon request).
  • Whenever possible, purchased hardware is bronze, cadmium-plated, or stainless steel to inhibit rust.
  • Pieces may also be padded and/or covered with leather and/or naugahyde.

One of the primary attributes of most of the equipment in this catalog is its' ability to be disassembled so that it can be moved or stored out of view.

If there is something you want, (but don't see) call us, maybe we can help find a source.

As you can see, we believe we provide some of the best equipment available anywhere. To provide this level of quality, our prices are not the cheapest, but they are not unreasonable.

The best part of this catalog is you; the purchaser. This catalog may give you an idea for equipment you can build. Or, it may trigger an idea for a special piece of equipment you wish to have designed and built for you. Robin has several people available who assist in design or manufacture almost anything you can imagine, of almost any material. If you would like to get a price for any item in this catalog, or a piece of equipment not yet in our catalog, send us a fax or e-mail for a firm price quote and delivery schedule.

We offer this contact sheet of our catalog for your review. If you wish to purchase plans for any of the equipment in this catalog, contact our Club Offices at (650) 465-0700 for further information. You may also purchase a printed copy of the catalog for ten dollars.

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